Speigner Solutions specializes in providing nonprofits with services in the areas of grants, organizational effectiveness, and fundraising education. We value quality, integrity, and honesty with our clients to ensure you are taking the best steps in advancing your organization's mission. Take a look below to learn how we can work together. For more information, please send us an email via the contact page.


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The total investment for services will vary based on the client's scope of work. Some of our services are a flat rate, while others are per hour or on retainer. The investment is discussed during the client discovery call, as well as your organization's needs, time frame for completion, and any other information relevant to the requested service. Each discovery call is 30 minutes. 

institutional grants

organizational effectiveness

fundraising education

We support your nonprofit in the grantseeking process to raise money from institutional funders - corporations and foundations.  

1. Grant Writing - Development of concise and compelling grant proposals and letters of inquiry for submission to funders.

2. Prospect Research - Identification of institutional funders with the funding capacity and aligned priority areas to support your nonprofit and its programs. 

3. Proposal Evaluation - Detailed review your nonprofit's proposal package and provide comprehensive feedback prior to submission.

We help your nonprofit develop structure, systems, and processes to improve the effectiveness of your nonprofit's fundraising efforts while improving inefficiencies within the organization. 

1. Grants Management - Development of grant-related policies, procedures, and organizing tools to effectively and efficiently manage the grant cycle within your organization. 

2. Organizational Effectiveness - Full assessment of how effective your nonprofit is in achieving its fundraising goals with detailed steps for improvement. The assessment includes systems, staff capacity, and internal stakeholder partnerships, and other areas of your nonprofit. 

We provide fundraising education to better equip nonprofit leaders, executive directors, development staff and others with the knowledge to secure funding for their organization.

1. 1:1 Training & Coaching - Monthly calls to discuss and work through fundraising pain points, ask questions about grants and other areas of fundraising specific to your nonprofit's needs. 

2. Workshops & Trainings - These sessions will cover fundraising basics, grant writing, grants management, and other topics. The workshops and trainings are available to individuals and teams and can be tailored meet specific needs. 

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